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Yusaku Kamekura



There he goes again! My good friend P. really isn’t the brightest of the bunch. Every time I tell him I’m going to work on the stories we are doing together, he starts sending me stuff like ‫ interesting videos or cool blogs on Japan or something. So I check them out, get carried away, waste most of the early evening and tomorrow he’ll be there going “Hé, how ‘bout our story? Did you finish rewriting that awful first draft you send me? And did you do that research I asked you to do? Uh? Uh?

No, P. I didn’t. I spent my time scavenging the internets for more work by that Japanese designer you send me those posters from, that Yusaku Kamekura. Thanks P. Now can I please get back to work? When did it have to be finished? What?



Yusaku Kamekura, one of the fathers of modern Japanese design, was born in 1915. He studied at the Bauhaus-oriented Institute of New Architecture and Industrial Arts and after graduation went to work for Nippon Kobo Publishers. 

kamekura_3  kamekura_13 kamekura_2

kamekura_11 kamekura_4 kamekura_12

In 1962 he started out as a freelance designer and would soon do some of the work he is perhaps best known for: the logo and posters for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

1964_tokyo_logo  poster-yusaku-kamekura-jo-tokyo-1964-46201 schwimm

kamekura89653893 1638

His work has been described as finding a synthesis between the rational, logical and functional modernist design systems of the west and the classical grace of traditional Japanese design.

72715-004-9A10929D kamekura_8 kamekura_6 kamekura_21

1950s-japan-design-7 1950s-japan-design-4

kamekura_5 picture.aspx


More on Kamekura? Go here or here.

(Via P. and Pink Tentacle)    


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