Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vintage Movie Posters: Sci Fi

Part three of the Movie Posters series. Today: science fiction, monster movies and all things weird and out of this world. I tried to stay clear of the typical B-movie style as much as possible. It doesn’t do that much for me, and you’ll have no trouble finding plenty of the stuff elsewhere. Again, posters from all over the world but also, again, lots from behind the old iron curtain. Enjoy.



343-oww akce-bororo_fin-oww


SOCHgodzgigan LIPZsyngodzilli

barbarellaB1250linen bladerunner2003ltdeditionof200michalksiazek150


planeta-bouri-oww 1404-oww


THX1138os1970GeorgeLucas400 tumblr_kzud84Ug1M1qaz1ado1_500

LIPplanetamalp2 MLEucieczkazplamalp


svetozori-oww temne-slunce-oww

3138-oww 8116-oww

RADjutronaorbite 294-oww

kingkongescapes1970POL375 gappa-zelena-mala_fin-oww

autor-5639-oww EROstarwars

a208-oww byl-jsem-druzici-slunce-oww

WJ00063-2 masseba-oww

gamera-kontra-g-oww GARGgappa

GOR2001 invisible-man-tsr


Find plenty of more beautiful posters where these came from:,, and the impressive collection at

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