Friday, July 29, 2011

Ashley Wood Special (2)




Besides being a prolific comic book artist, Ashley Wood is also a painter. On his blog he regularly posts what is on his easel that day. Finished pieces sit happily next to work just started. It seems he’s always working on something. He says:


I have to paint everyday, one day out, and it will take a week to get back into the zone, and that’s a week of self hate I can do without !


I love these photographs. Not only do you get a glimpse of the guy’s studio, you also get to see lot’s of the work up close and in different states of completion.

In case you are wondering: yes, I do know most of the paintings have robots, warriors or scantly clad ladies as their subject matter. Did I suddenly turn 16 again?

I remember reading about a painter - although I don’t remember who it was, sorry -  who explained why he liked the sort of paintings he liked most. He said he didn’t really enjoy abstract paintings, because he missed the subject matter, the possibilities of a story that a more figurative painting could have. And he didn’t really enjoy highly polished hyper-realistic paintings either, because he missed all the more abstract, painterly qualities like smears and brush strokes which often are so beautiful to look at. He liked work that had both: figurative work with a rough touch, so you’re mind could shift between seeing a yellowish stroke op paint and seeing the painted knee that the yellowish stroke evoked.

Scantly clad ladies, huge robots and blue that can’t decide whether it would turn red or not, what more can you want from a painting?




evening stroll





manding the chud











Find the first part of the Ashley Wood Special here.

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