Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photography: A Study of Legs


Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 19.15 - 117


I found a little gem of a film yesterday…

For one month, during the transition between winter and spring, a Japanese man photographs the legs of unsuspecting women, during his lunch break. Does he consider himself to be a voyeur? He claims to be “innocent”, but also thinks about himself as a “hunter”.

Direct, sensitive, funny and thought provoking. A film about looking.

Because yes, we do look…

Don’t worry.


Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 19.17 - 118

Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 19.18 - 119

Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 19.19 - 120


A film by Jim Helton.



Find more info on Jim Helton at jimmyhelton.com

Find more work by Atsushi Nishijima (the photographer) on www.jimagraphy.com

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