Monday, July 25, 2011

Lucio Arese: You




Lucio Arese has been featured here before (see his unofficial Auterche video here). This time his work is even more abstract. The music is by Nobukazu Takemura. Here is what Arese has to say about his working methods for this piece:


The audiovisual flow is organized in repeated micro sections of a few seconds each, everyone with his own life, linked together to form a modular structure.

The realization is characterized by a variety of techniques including 3d rendering, painting, a complex editing process and multilayered compositing.

A particular color treatment has been used on the whole film in order to obtain a burned out b/w photography, contributing to create a dense, dark, organic and somewhat indecipherable world where music and motion picture meet each other in a very intimate way.


One warning: I guess if you can’t stand stroboscopic lightning effects, you might not like watching this. Other wise, enjoy…



More work by Arese can be found on his site at

(Found via The Curious Brain)

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