Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Movie Posters: Thrillers

This is the second installment in our series on movie posters. This time we are looking at posters for spy movies, suspense thrillers, movies with cops, detectives and gangsters. Basically everything that has got guns and a lot of running around in it. Also, we broaden our view and included not only posters from behind the iron curtain, but from all over the world. (There is even a Belgian poster amongst them. Can you guess which?)


PointBlank_Bel   Doulos_Fr1


BACcichywspolnik MLOdawnotamer

GetCarter_US1a LeagueOfGentlemen_GB1


MeanStreets_Span STACbullitt

LongGoodFriday_US1  LENwinda


967-oww 1068-oww

716-oww 7470-oww

3575-oww 458-oww

kdo-jste-doktore-oww velvyslankynei-oww


1031-oww 589-oww

652-oww fotohaber-oww

HOLczlowucieka HOLincydent

HoneymoonKillers_Ins CIEzawrotglowy WrongMan_US3

If you want lots and lots more of these beautiful posters, check out where they came from :, and


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