Monday, March 15, 2010

Art of the Title Sequence

At the sidebar of this blog you can find a list of other blogs and sites that I think are worth paying a visit.  I’ve  added a few new ones recently. “The Art of the Title Sequence” is one of them.Magical Snap - 2010.03.15 20.42 - 044

It’s a great site that focuses, and this will be no surprise to you, I guess, on the design of title sequences for movies and occasionally television programs. They often have extensive interviews with the creators and usually you can watch the whole title sequence right then and there.

There’s already an extensive list of older and more recent movies, animation films, television shows and so on and that list keeps on growing as they add new posts. They are not very regular in doing so, sometimes you have to wait a bit before there is something new, but seeing how much work and care they put in each entry, nobody in their right minds would think of holding that against them.

“The Art of the Title Sequence” is a great place to visit. If you haven’t been doing so, do yourself a favor and check them out.














One of my all time favorites is this one. An animated title sequence for a live action movie. Very retro and Saul Bass-ish. Enjoy.


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