Monday, March 1, 2010

Found : Massive Attack





I immediately liked the cover for the new Massive Attack album “Heligoland” when I first saw it. Turns out they were done by Robert 3D Del Naja himself together with the Tom Hingston Studio. (actually, all cover artwork since “No Protection” were done by these two. I didn’t know that…You learn something every day, don’t you?)Magical Snap - 2010.03.01 22.18 - 001

What I didn’t like is the fact that the album can be bought in 4 different colors. Yes, the exact same album, but with a different color combination for the cover art. Is it just me or is this silly? I remember they did stuff like that with Batman comic books, back when I used to read those. (Ah, the good old days…)

More silliness? Apparently, Transport for London banned ads for the album from the London underground because it resembled “street art” too much and they do not want to encourage street art. No sir. Thank you sir. Sigh.


massiveattack 909607b5

Magical Snap - 2010.02.07 00.08 - 002 heligo1 Magical Snap - 2010.02.07 00.10 - 004

Want to see more? They have an artwork blog, you can visit or you could check out the site of the Tom Hingston Studio and you can find all kinds of information on Massive Attack and some videos here.

Have fun.

What? The music? Nah… Didn’t like it. Did you?



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