Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage Movie Posters: Westerns

Has it been a long time since you’ve played that Ennio Morricone record you love so much? Well, here’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for. Put it on, grab yourself a glass of lemonade (you know you want to…) and sit back and enjoy the following selection of old movie posters. No, not the original ones. These are the ones they made behind the iron curtain: in Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc… These are the nice ones. From back in the days when they still tried to have some fun, doing a movie poster.


bandoleroi-oww butch-casidy300-oww

bleska-nad-oww NEUjeremiah

3964-oww 1936-oww

GORostatnicowboy GORzawodowcy SWIskarbwsrebrjez

700-oww divkazezap-oww


valdez_prichazi-oww WASvivatepepa

nacelnik_velky_had-oww mezi-supy-oww

WENjezdziecznikad FLIranchotexas

FLIgringo TREUdylizans

16189-oww autor-7082-oww



My favorite is “Lemonade Joe”, without a doubt. Which one is yours?

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More posters? These came from and (most of them) from (with thanks to Amy from AQ-V :)  )

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