Friday, March 12, 2010

N-LT (1): Oded Ezer




Oded Ezer is an Israeli typographer, designer and lecturer who works as a commercial designer and at the same time runs experimental typography/art projects, making installations and objects. He also teaches Hebrew typography at several colleges and academies. His work has been showcased and published worldwide and he won numerous local and international prizes.

The things he does are often humorous and strange. They balance between typography, art, science and plain silliness. He seems to use Dadaïst-influenced methods combined with contemporary scientific practices like the hybridization of animals and human beings.

The Typosperma project tries to clone human sperm cells injected with typographic information into its DNA.


Typembrya is an homage to the “Mother and child”-logo by  Herb Lubalin.

Here he shows us the results of typoplastic surgery…


And when he combines ants with letterforms he wonders if they would be able to join together and spell words to communicate with us.

 oded_ezer_30_biotypography 58476208_28c4cceb6d

While all these weird and wonderful creations are interesting and amusing, I still prefer his beautiful posters and typographic design.

Magical Snap - 2010.03.12 13.59 - 001

Magical Snap - 2010.03.12 14.14 - 003


essay_ezer 538760311_93b2cdb69d


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oded_ezer_23_tybrid  51623816_90ee030d48 p052649s

If you want to know some more about Oded Ezer, there is a very nice little interview with him you can see on Gestalten.TV. They also published a book about him: "The Typographer's Guide to the Galaxy".

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