Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flyer Design Goodness

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I spent the best part of this morning perusing a site called “Flyer Design Goodness”, a blog dedicated to flyer and poster art. (And yes, I am very, very happy to get a chance to use the word “perusing”.)

In their own words: “Flyer Goodness is a flyer design blog dedicated to highlighting disposable art -- masterpieces that are thrown in the garbage, rained on, and plastered over in less than a week.”

Well, I for one am glad that someone is saving all this stuff from being rained on and showcasing it on the net. What a treasure throve! Check out the selection I’m presenting here and then mosy on over to their site.

(And yes, very glad to use “mosy” as well…)


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sweettalk_small TPC_Full

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wim_crouwel_poster_design_ Vorm en kleur

wim_crouwel_poster_design_ Braque Chagall Leger Picasso rafael_tufino_poster_design_brooklyn_1950


100_holyfuck_v2 125_lymbyc_v2

art_of_the_steal_movie_poster_film_ifc batman_dark_night_poster

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silent_giants_the_decemberists_poster silent_giants_the_national_tour_poster_may_2009

Jamal_Moss_at_Block_33_by_prop4g4nd4 Sandy_Rivera_At_Boutique_by_prop4g4nd4


3279231287_b4b2891502_o  feist-first_lg

scott_campbell_poster_design__lazheart rjd2_poster_design_by_scott_campbell

 simon page 3 ac_newman_lg

 molho_poster_design_retabulo2 molho_poster_design_retabulo3



As you can see, their collection is very diverse, ranging from music and film posters to real vintage Dutch design and work by contemporary illustrators. They encourage everyone to send them even more stuff, so if you have some flyer or poster you think the world absolutely must see, now you know what to do with it…

To check out Flyer Design Goodness go to

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