Friday, April 30, 2010

The blogs of Basil Sedbuk

mono s 2010 01 Mattotti Télérama HS Chopin p76 2009 09 Etoiles N8 E Kerner a Les enfants 1996 Chateau Gloria Etiquette

Researching the previous post I came across a blog dedicated to Avril, made by a certain Basil Sedbuk. As it turns out, that one is not the only illustration blog he does. He has no less than 6 different blogs, five of which are dedicated to an individual artist (François Avril of course, but also Serge Clerc, Dominique Corbasson, Floc’h and Ted Benoit) and a sixed called “La belle illustration” where he tends to put all other illustrators he likes but who somehow didn’t get their own blog (yet?). Here we find the work of people like Lorenzo Mattotti, Robert Crumb, Loustal, Götting, and many, many others. Yes, They are all written in  French, but the pictures are not. So, go explore !

François Avril (once more)


Serge Clerc

Bandeau_Final_3 I



Dominique Corbasson

Looking for DC Bandeau

Ted Benoit


La belle illustration

La belle illustration bandeau 5

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