Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vintage Science and Tech Ads

Just a small sample of an incredible Flickr-set of science and technology adverts taken from various magazines from the 50’s and 60’s. And when I say “incredible”, I do mean “incredible”… Not only because of the beautiful work that can be found here, but also because of its sheer size: there are more than 1200 pictures in there!


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3331607901_69ee36bc2d 3226854980_dc0b920a38


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3227160728_4dc6f866b3 4297397366_15587987da

3329503581_6dc71ca57e 3243377130_3cafa31ae2


3242544419_d0c6f914df 3242556961_ded194f031

4275824666_785f786f9b 3242652074_d9ed366f45

3381554456_3c862d1fc6 3223860429_23850d02db

3329503525_cefb7e4238 3336716025_76fbb5b34a

3334736692_dff247e1da 3226000329_4af031c982


This collection is the work of Bustbright, which is the “after-hours studio” (not sure what that means exactly….) of L.A. designers Katie Varrati and derrick Schultz. Do take your time to look through the whole set on Flickr and check out the rest of their collections or visit their website.

(found via iso50)

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