Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comics: Alberto Breccia




In this interview, the Argentinean Alberto Breccia, who was one of the old masters of comics, talks about how he approached his work. After years of painstakingly trying to develop his own style he discovered  one doesn’t actually need a style because it can easily become a stamp, a mannerism which has nothing to do with the act of drawing. Therefore, he never stopped experimenting with his technique, brecciausing monoprints or collage in the more avant-garde work, but also trying out different drawing materials in the more “traditional” black and white ink drawings.

Even if you are not all that into comics, this 25 minute long interview is well worth seeing for everybody interested in drawing in general. I must admit I find several of his books enormously dense and hard to get through, but as a graphic artist Breccia is truly one of the great. There are a lot of examples of his work in the video, but the image quality isn’t all that good, so I added some more below.










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