Thursday, April 1, 2010

N-LT (2): Gurafiku



Searching for material for the series on vintage movie posters I did last week, I happened upon this Tumblr-blog Gurafiku by a design student from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design called Ryan Hageman. He seems to be fascinated with Japanese graphic design and has collected a whole lot of prime examples to share with us on his blog. Ranging from old Ukiyo-e prints to manga, from stylish posters for exhibitions to outrageous movie posters, from book and album covers to ads and web design, from typography to illustration, this collection is a joy to browse through and to keep an eye on as it is still growing every day.

Here are a few examples of what he has in store, just to wet your appetite.

tumblr_kx6h7sJLS41qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_kv9nt8gonL1qaz1ado1_500


 tumblr_kus7mm9Qc71qaz1ado1_500   tumblr_kz00jtwDRJ1qaz1ado1_500tumblr_kyxg9a4sI81qaz1ado1_500

tumblr_kus7gxHUzZ1qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_kwzvv0qMaf1qaz1ado1_500

tumblr_kwfa6pyVkC1qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_kwfaeeeIyd1qaz1ado1_500

tumblr_kxsw2g60eP1qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_kxsw4lJ2cB1qaz1ado1_500

tumblr_kwzw1yxeoV1qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_kus4u8HCR31qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_kwzw98IKwK1qaz1ado1_500

tumblr_ky4geydcdw1qaz1ado1_500 tumblr_kuu775tZAQ1qaz1ado1_500

Believe me, this is just a very small selection of what can be found on the Gurafiku blog. I wanted you to get an idea of how diverse the collection really is and I still feel I’m failing to do so. Again, I’m going to suggest you leave here. Don’t worry, you can come back, of course. You know you are always welcome. But for now: go and visit Ryan Hageman on Gurafiku. He has the stuff.


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