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François Avril (Paris 1961) is an illustrator who’s work balances between the representational and the abstract. His pictures, often urban landscapes, defy the laws of perspective and focus instead on visual rhythm and composition.

His early work, however, looks quite different. It is more akin to the "ligne claire" a style very popular in European comics (Hergé and Chaland are two prime examples). Avril was working for advertising, magazines and book publishing in those days and even did some comic albums. Nowadays, comics are few and far between, and since the 1980’s there have been no more albums, only collaborations and short stories which appeared in magazines or group albums.

Avril did continue to work for advertising and magazines and began showing his work in galleries, which often led to the publication of lovely little books with his drawings.  I’ve never been that much of a fan of the real ligne claire, so if you want to see more of the early work by Avril, check out the links below.


2010 Carte Cabinet Prunier a

2009 07-08 Jazzman No 159 Reve americain b

1994 08 30 Fourmi Academy in Okapi 546

1994 05 Ensemble Manpower N51 p19 2009 05 28 Challenges Cooltech

2008 Jazzman No 147 Juin b

2008 Jazzman No 147 Juin a 2008 11 Jazzman No 151 Novembre a

2008 11 Jazzman No 151 Novembre b

2009 01 Jazzman No 153 Janvier b


1996 07 JAZZMAN No 16 1999 10 JAZZMAN No51

1994_09_28_Figaroscope_Plis_d'excellence-b 2000 12 Lire N291

1994 05 Ensemble Manpower N51 p16-17

1996 Vélo 2 1996 Vélo 5

avril2 2010 03 CDC caisse-des-depots



2009 05 Jazzman No 157 Monk 1 publié 2009 03 Jazzman No 155 balle-perdue1

2009 02 Jazzman No154 hip-hop (2)

1997 Sans Titre avril1

1997 Sans Titre avril2

1997 Sans Titre avril3

1998 11 Fête du livre à Saint-Germain des Prés invitation proclamation palmarès

1996 Flore 1 1996 Flore 5

Sérigraphie le-pigalle-cor

1994 04 Plakativ Exposition a

2009 les films du crayon Mu Avril original Art Paris 2009 BD

avril 1



2003 CD Picnic All day music (2) livret s2394_002

s electrophone


If you want to see more of Avril go to the official Avril site or check out this awesome blog by Basil Sedbuk, totally dedicated to his work:

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