Thursday, May 13, 2010






When I was researching yesterdays post on Abedini, I found a nice interview with him on Turns out they have plenty of nice interviews!

Typeradio is an MP3 internet radiostream and a podcast station ran by Donald Beekman (aka Underware) and Liza Enebeis (aka Loveliza). They visit design events all over the world to talk to graphic designers, typographers, etc… and via Typeradio we can listen in on their conversations. Yes, there are the usual suspects: Sagmeister and Scher, Carson, Spiekerman and Vignelli. But also Chip Kidd, Dumbar and the people from House Industries and a whole lot of designers I had never heard of (but maybe that says more about me than about those designers…)

Give a try. There are plenty of interviews to choose from. I believe most of them are in English, (I haven’t checked them all out of course.) Enjoy.

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