Saturday, May 8, 2010

Studio Visit (9): M. Dudok de Wit




Somebody send me a beautiful animated short through StumbleUpon this morning: “Father and Daughter” by Michael Dudok de Wit (thanks again, Dejan). This must be one of the most touching animation films I’ve ever seen. A beautifully told story, beautifully drawn and animated. I had seen it before as a children's book, but never as a film.

After seeing it, I went searching for more work by Dudok de Wit and found two more animated short films: “The Monk and the Fish” and “The Aroma of Tea”. All three films are very different in tone. Where the first one is an intense sad tale, the second is much more funny and light and the third strangely abstract. Each, in its own right, is well worth seeing.


Monk-fish  1150


It must have been my lucky day, because to top it all of, I also found a short interview with the maker of the films. Michael Dudok de Wit is Dutch an apparently has a very nice studio garden shed kind of thing in his backyard.

You can watch the interview here. If you would like to see the films first, check out the links below. I must warn you: the image quality of the video isn’t all that great and it also seems to start in French but don’t worry, the rest of it is in English.



And here are the links for the three shorts:  Father and Daughter, The Monk and the Fish and The Aroma of Tea.

There is a website for Michael Dudok de Wit but at the time of this writing it seems to be under construction. Nevertheless: More info can also be found here.

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