Sunday, May 9, 2010

Studio Visit (10): Setola - Jazzed




More animation today: “Jazzed” by Anton Setola. His name might let you think he is some kind of Mafia-type, but apparently he’s just a regular guy from Flanders, like me. What a pity.

Also a pity: I wasn’t able to find the complete film because it is still touring the festivals. Later, perhaps? I did find an interview with Setola which again starts in French but that didn’t seem to work out, so they continued in English. The interview has a lot of little excerpts from the film, so you’ll get a pretty good idea what it looks like. It looks great, by the way. In my humble opinion.


Guitarplayer01 Double_Bass








Setola also has a blog where you can find some more of his work and sketches. Check it out at The pictures above are either taken from the film, or are preliminary sketches.



(There is a small part where he tries to speak French again. He soon gives up on that, don’t worry. (I must admit I wouldn’t do much better in French… :) ) The only thing being said there is that he didn’t work on paper, everything was done digitally with a program called DigiPaint.)

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