Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have you ever seen…

“Avez-vous déjà vu…?” is a series of very short animation films, each about 45 seconds or so, made by Pierre Alain Bloch and narrated by Alain Chabat. They are all in French, but some of them are perfectly understandable whether you speak French or not and I even found one with subtitles (one that doesn’t really need it at all, but, well, alors, ça va?…). If you like them, you are in for a real treat, because there are a whole lot of them: 150 episodes in total. I’ve selected three of them to wet your appetite…Enjoy.


Have you ever seen… a not so perfect crime?


Have you ever seen… a yoghurt singing Opera?


Have you ever seen…the cell phone elf?


You can find all of the episodes on this blog : or on YouTube… And can somebody please translate the bunch? Thank you.

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