Wednesday, May 12, 2010

N-LT(3): Reza Abedini

Reza Abedini is an Iranian graphic designer and professor of graphic design and visual culture at the Tehran University. He mixes and combines modern design, iconic images and traditional themes from Iran’s artistic heritage. His unique style has won him numerous awards worldwide.

You can visit Abedini’s site at but at the time of this writing large parts of it seem to be “under construction”. If you would like to hear the man himself, you can find an audio interview at Typeradio.

Presented here is a selection of his posters and logo designs.


004 005

006 014

034 045

039 054


011 018

060 033

01liul2 058

009 056


044 025

001 013

017 047

019 007

02jhguk9 0juku26


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