Monday, July 19, 2010


I just came across this. Looks nice…

Super8 is a poster-magazine printed in A3 format and distributed in Milan (Italy) free of charge. It is based on the number 8. It is neither sponsored nor advertised. Borne by the passion for graphics, flavored with the taste of vintage.The magazine shall be distributed in 8 issues. Each issue shall have two parts, one created by Marco Nicotra, the other by Giovanni Rizzo, the founders of Super8. The theme of every issue represents one of the 8 regular words, which, in Italian, are generated by coupling a letter from the alphabet with the word “otto”, i.e. 8 in Italian: B8 (Bang), C8 (Lovesick), D8 (Learned), F8 (I fuck), L8 (I fight), M8 (Motto), R8 (Broken), S8 (Under)

                                                                                      - from the Super8 site

Apart from the regular issues, they also have “collabor8”-issues. I’m not quite sure whether you should just send stuff in or not, but if you are really interested, you should contact them and ask. No harm in that, I guess…. Check out the site at

In the mean while, let’s take a look at the work they have been putting out.



D8_Clark_preview G_artwork1_preview

G_artwork3_preview m8_cless_preview


r8_tisnes_2_preview S8_Seaman_preview




(Found via Uberkraaft on twitter)

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