Sunday, July 18, 2010

Le tampographe sardon




Children, beware! Foul language and imagery not for innocent eyes.

This French stamp-maker seems like a very unpleasant person. His interests are crude, his politics not politically correct and his studio is a mess. He seems to associate with people like those working at the publishing house Le Dernier Cri, which says more than enough, I think.

Therefore, we shall not pay any attention whatsoever to this person and his images. None! And we shall certainly not suggest any links to his blog. No,no,no… We don’t want to have anything to do with such individuals. Puh.



bestioles 2


NEIN up yours

vulgaires 003

Poupée viande---1


Usage de faux-chaissac-1 Usage de faux-chaissac-2


écorché 006

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