Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Street art: Sten + Lex




Sten and Lex are Italian street artists who enjoy coming up with their very own special techniques. They often work with stencils which they cut out of paper and paste on wood. When they pull back the stencil they leave some of it pasted on, hereby creating a not-reproducible piece which they call a “stencil poster”. (You can see a video of this here).

In a recent piece they made a painted poster of 26x12 meters on the side of a building in Garbatella, a neighborhood where they are crazy about football (soccer) and the club AS Roma. The images on the poster are a wolf and Totti, the captain of the club. Check out the video below…

If you want to see more work of Sten and Lex, try their Flickr pages.



(Found via KoiKoiKoi)

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