Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grain & Gram and Mama’s Sauce


Magical Snap - 2010.07.13 15.22 - 002


It is called a “gentleman’s journal” so naturally, “Monsieur” Bandit is interested…

Grain & Gram is new. Very new. The gentleman’s blog has only two entries at the time of this writing, but they nevertheless manage to make a very good impression. The overall look is very stylish, with a nice layout and design and quirky graphics, with beautiful large photo’s and equally beautiful video.

One of the articles is an interview with Nick Sambrato, who runs a screen printing and letterpress shop called “Mama’s Sauce” in Florida. Check out the video below (Ah! Another opportunity to watch a lovely press run…) and then pay a visit to the Grain & Gram site. Maybe you’ll become a regular reader. If they keep up doing this kind of stuff, I know I will…









Also check out the Mama's Sauce Blaug (soon they’ll have a website too).

(Found via DesignWorkLife)

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