Monday, June 21, 2010

Jazz covers (2): Reid Miles


No Jazz album cover is more a Jazz album cover than a Reid Miles Blue Note Jazz album cover. His designs became close to iconic. To many people, they simple are what Jazz looks like.

My friend P (Hi, P!) and I recently made a comic book with jazz stories, packaged in a record sleeve. Guess what we decided it should look like? Right. (Check out the design and a sneak peek at the comic here if you haven’t seen it before…)

I’ve been wanting to dedicate a post to these record cover designs for quite a while, but in a way, it just seemed kind of obsolete to do so. You’ve all seen them before, right? Ah, well…

Yesterday, however, I happened upon a nice little video. (A promo for the concerts at the Bellavista Social Pub). Check it out:


Hi-Fi from bante on Vimeo.


Et voila! Problem solved. Finally got Reid Miles featured on Monsieur Bandit. Well, sort of, anyway…

If you want to see more of the original Miles’ record covers, or read a bit about him, check out some of these articles: Thinking Miles ahead on d|visible or The Jazzy Blue Notes on Retinart. Also worth checking are these two posts on the Fontfeed-blog: Almost Blue and Reid Miles typography. To see the most extensive collection of Blue Note covers I know of, go to the Vintage Vanguard.

(Found via The Casual Optimist)


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