Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend-special: Isidro Ferrer

  isidro ferrer topo


One of the joys of having a collection is showing stuff to people and today I have some really beautiful images to share.

Perhaps you have heard about Isidro Ferrer before. He is after all a well known, award winning graphic designer who has had numerous solo exhibitions all over Europe and many books dedicated to his work got published in Spain, Portugal and France. But did you know the man also made comics?



In this first installment of “The Isidro Ferrer-weekend” (perhaps the start of a nice tradition here at Monsieur Bandit?) I am proud to present to you a little booklet from my comic book collection. It is called “Exils”, was written by Grassa Toro and illustrated by Ferrer and it was

published by the wonderful people of Editions Amok, a French publisher of very experimental “bandes dessinées” (that’s fancy French for comics) as the sixth installment of their collection “feu!” (fire!) 














ferrercoverAs was often the case with the publications of Editions Amok, the experimental nature of the comic didn’t seem to leave much room for a story to be told. Some people disliked Amok (and their ilk) for exactly that reason. “Yes, the books look stunning”, they would say “But where is the story?” This is a matter of personal opinion, perhaps, but it would be unfair to claim books like these just “have no story”. It is perhaps told in a different way, one which we are not used to and there for not know how to decipher easily…

Please check up on Monsieur Bandit later this weekend for the second installment of our Isidro Ferrer Special in which we will take a look at some of his graphic design and visit a stunning exhibition of his work.


Editions Amok does not exist anymore. They did however join the Brussels based publishing collective Freon and are now known as FREMOK. Check them out for some of the most beautiful but highly experimental comics you are likely to find.

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