Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend-special: Isidro Ferrer (2)




In our second part of the Isidro Ferrer special we will take a look at his work as a graphic designer and we will visit the exhibition “Libro de las preguntas”.

To be honest, this exhibition-thing, you are going to want to see that…

So let’s keep the bio-stuff short: Ferrer was born in Madrid in 1963. He first studied dramatic art, graduated from Jacques Lecoq’s School of Mime and Pantomime in Paris but at the age of 25 got into graphic design, inspired foremost by the Spanish designer Peret.  Numerous books are dedicated to his work (nice and big one here), he participates in several exhibitions all over the world (Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Mexico,Buenos Aires,…) and has solo exhibitions in Spain, Portugal and France. He won the National Design Award in 2002.

About Ferrer it is said that he works by “devoration”, like the verse making machine imagined by Juan de Mairena: “On one side the world enters and on the other side poetry comes out”.


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Magical Snap - 2010.01.15 01.53 - 006



The website created to accompany the exhibition “Libro de las preguntas” which took place in the Espacio para el Arte de Zaragoza, is simply a must see as it gives us a very good look into not only the studio but also the head of Mr. Isidro Ferrer.Magical Snap - 2010.01.15 01.51 - 005


(There is however a very annoying little music playing in the background. You are going to want and turn that off pretty soon, I guess…)


(Don’t worry. You can.)

Magical Snap - 2010.01.15 01.53 - 007






 Magical Snap - 2010.01.15 01.50 - 004



So do yourself a favor and make your day a little brighter by visiting the wonderful world of Isidro Ferrer.

Have fun, but do remember to come Magical Snap - 2010.01.15 01.49 - 003back tomorrow for our next installment of this Monsieur Bandit Special.

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