Thursday, March 24, 2011

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The Yard (1)

This post needs a little introduction…


I found this video quite some time ago, but always refrained from posting it, figuring it didn’t belong here since it had nothing to do with illustration or graphic design. Every once in a while I would come across the bookmarked video, watch it again and decide not to post it, again.




So what changed? Why did I obviously decide to post it this time?

Nothing changed.

I changed my mind. That’s it.

Prerogative of the wise, someone once said. (Or did I just made that up?)




Instead of making a problem out of it, I decided to make it into something new. A new series, called “The Yard” in which this is the first post.

Why the yard? Two reasons.

I found this video on a blog called “The Selvedge Yard”, a site dedicated to all kinds of stuff ranging from the suits of Miles Davis and a car chase of Steve McQueen to the cool of Bruce Lee, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and bikini clad Hell’s Angels girls. So it’s a little nod to that site.

Secondly, a yard is a place to play. To take a break from business as usual. To step out and have a smoke.

So there you go.

Welcome to the yard…



The video? Oh, right… almost forgot…

It’s about a guy who builds bikes.

Check it out…


shinya kimura @ chabott engineering from Henrik Hansen on Vimeo.





(Found via The Selvedge Yard)

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