Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Isaac Mizrahi on creativity

Mr. Isaac Mizrahi is a fashion designer/talk show host/cabaret artist who delivered quite a chaotic performance here at this TEDtalk. When you read the comments section on TED you’ll notice many people hated it, dismissing it as unstructured rambling,  and certainly not worthy of TED.

At first, I did not agree with this point of view at all. I thought the talk was great, showing as it did how inspiration can be found anywhere and creativity isn’t just something which happens in the “atelier”.

But there is a nuance to this as well, which was brought up by some people in the comments section who argue that many artists do not like the unrealistically romanticized notion of “being struck by the muse”. They simply can’t afford to wait for inspiration and in stead rely as much on structure and method as a businessman would. In short: they just work.


Magical Snap - 2011.03.14 10.02 - 005


Check out the video and see what you think. Read some of the comments section on TED if you’re interested in what different people had to say about this talk. There is quite an interesting discussion there…



(Found via rightbrainterrain.com)

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