Monday, August 1, 2011

The complete Setola “Jazzed”


Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 22.23 - 135


Because the film was still touring the festivals, Anton Setola didn’t want to put his animated short “Jazzed” online. Up till now, that is! Finally, we can all enjoy it from the comfort of our own workplace.

Setola is an animator, illustrator and comic artist from Ghent, Belgium. His film has been shown in over 60 festivals and won him several awards. It is now also available in a beautiful packaged DVD.

More info? Go to his blog or check the earlier post on Monsieur Bandit here, where you can even find a video interview with the man himself.


Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 22.21 - 132

Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 22.26 - 136

Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 22.28 - 138

Magical Snap - 2011.07.24 22.22 - 133


Enjoy the video.



(Found via The Curious Brain) – The blog, I mean. Not mine.

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