Sunday, August 1, 2010

Battle Graphic

Now doesn’t this look interesting? You get two teams of digital artists, give them a theme to work on and have them come up with something great and beautiful, live in front of an audience, by projecting their work on two big screens. Add drinks, dj’s, pretty people and ambiance and livestream the thing across the web, so the whole world can see what you’re doing.

(and with this for explanation you’ll pretty much be able to understand what’s going on in this French video)



Now instead of photoshop-wizards, I could imagine doing the same with all kinds of graphic-people, no? Typographers making a poster, comic-artists making, well, a comic, perhaps even animators? I don’t know… What do you think?

For further inspiration, check out the Battlegraphic site (in French).

(Found via Artskills)

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