Wednesday, May 11, 2011



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I stumbled across the trailer for PressPausePlay for the first time this weekend whilst the film has already seen its debut on film festivals since March this year. Shows you how up-to-date I really am, doesn’t it…

Anyway, I think this might well be a very very interesting documentary. It deals with the the impact of digital media on culture and seems to present the pros as well as the cons (hence the “hope” and “fear” in its byline). Check out the trailer, but also take a look at both of the other two videos which illustrate these two points of view well.

If you can’t get enough, visit to find a whole lot of short little video interviews on the subject. People featured here and in the film include Moby, Seth Godin, Andrew Keen, Scott Belsky and Hillman Curtis, amongst many other well known creators of this digital era.

And best of all: somewhere this summer the whole docu should appear online, for free.

For now: take a look at these to wet your appetite…





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