Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sound+Graphics(4): Seaquence

My apologies to the regular readers of Monsieur Bandit. It’s been a while since my last conf… ahum…post. Life got in the way. Nasty thing, life. You know…

Today Monsieur Bandit is back with a fourth installment in the sound + graphics series. You might remember the last one (check it out here), the “Tonematrix”, a virtual sequencer, something resembling a monome, and lots of fun to play with.

This one is quite similar, but more elaborate. And again, it looks like a great thing for people like me, who know absolutely zip-all about music but still would like to play.(I’ve got a very sad story about how my musical aptitude got crushed in kindergarten. Remind me to tell it one day…),

The “Seaquence” adopts a biological metaphor: it allows you to create musical life-forms in a virtual petri-dish, and combine them into pretty convincing compositions. It is hopeless to try and explain it with words, so please check out this video for an introduction and then head over to http://seaquence.org where you can play with the actual thing!

Try and get not too addicted…


Seaquence Demo from Daniel Massey on Vimeo.


(Found via Co.Design)

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