Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carll Cneut

Once again a spotlight on a Flemish illustrator of children’s books.

Carll Cneut (°1969) studied graphic design at the Saint-Lucas Arts School  in Ghent (the city where he still lives today). At first, he worked as an art director at a publicity agency. His 1996 debut illustrating children’s books was called “Varkentjes van Marsepein” (Piglets of Marsepain), a collaboration with writer Geert De Kockere. They went on to make six more picture books together. In 2002 Cneut made his writing debut with “The Amazing Love Story of Mr Morf”.

His distinctive style is achieved through the use of a combination of acrylics, pastels, pencil and ink. Some examples…



16_WILLY-3_442_jpg 12_ZWART-1_500_jpg





images verhelst_cneut_geheim_van_de_keel_van_de_nachtegaal

un secret pour grandir 

For more, go here. Cneut has a lot of his work published abroad or translated. The site can be read in English and French.

Also, here, you can find a more extensive article on Carll Cneut, in English.

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