Monday, February 22, 2010

More Letterpress printing

Quite some people seemed to have enjoyed the post on letterpress printing from a little while ago. Today I found another beautiful little film on the subject. It’s not a documentary, more some kind of impression, filmed at Repeat Press of Somerville. (By the way, the guy who filmed it, Stebs from Quarter Productions has a whole lot of nice little videos on Vimeo. Check him out…)



Last time I also neglected to add this link to a letterpress blog I had found called End Grain. It is run by Bethany Heck and showcases her collection of wood type. Often her posts consist of a close up  photograph of a wood type block which she describes in detail. This might sound like a little too much for all of us End_Grain-500x418who do not collect these items our selves, but I found her approach and the passion she has for her collection totally convincing and spent quite some time reading about how she has a soft spot for U’s with uneven stroke weights and the wonderful tonal shifts in the color of the wood of a Zero Antique. Further more, her blog is very well designed, it’s stylish and the big photographs look absolutely stunning.

Go check it out here. She also includes many useful links to yet other letterpress sites and information on books, print shops and retailers which you can go an explore if you want to delve deeper into the world of letterpress.

Magical Snap - 2010.02.22 20.33 - 005 Magical Snap - 2010.02.22 20.34 - 006

M-compare-500x454Magical Snap - 2010.02.22 20.31 - 002


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