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More Blex Bolex

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No, of course it’s not his real name. Who would be so lucky to actually be named like that? Not Bernard Granger. But being an artist, he figured he needed a nom-de-plume, so…there you go.

Mr. Bolex was born in France, in Douai, in 1966. He studied at the “Beaux-arts” in Angoulême where he 317944876discovered screen-printing, which to this day keeps being an influence on his illustration style. Later on, he works as a screen printer and as an editor at Cornélius, a French publishing house well known for it’s exquisite comic books. Eventually he becomes a full fledged illustrator but keeps on making books, which he considers to be his main artistic outlet. They are published by  Le Dernier Cri and Les Requins Marteaux or the children’s books department of Albin Michel.

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The following examples of his work are taken from “Destination: Abecederia”, a noirish adventure story in which every page features a letter of the alphabet (hence the name), and from “L’imagier des gens” (or rather the Dutch translation “Allemaal mensen”) which won the prestigious bookdesign-award “The most beautiful book of the world” at the 2009 Leipziger Buchmesse. It’s a children’s book, but it does not tell a story. Instead, every double page shows us two persons which have some kind of connection between them. Sometimes these connections are obvious, sometimes farfetched, sometimes they are funny or beautiful, but always they can act as food for thought and the starting point for a conversation or discussion.


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BILD0283(forweb) BILD0285(forweb)

Dancers – Warriors                                                 A football player – A bad boy

BILD0286(forweb) BILD0287(forweb)

A conductor – A dictator                                          A blind person – Someone distracted

BILD0289(forweb) BILD0292(forweb)

Someone curious – A spy                                        A biologist – An astronomer

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