Saturday, June 5, 2010

Project 33


p33_soundsofmusic p33.sevensteps


This morning I came across a nice little blog called Project 33 which displays a collection of vintage record sleeves all designed with nothing but dots, rectangles, triangles, lines, abstract shapes or only typography. Very often the designs result in a completely abstract image, other times they become highly stylized representations of musical instruments for example.

I showed the blog to a friend (Hi, M!) and he immediately started sending me examples of similar record sleeve designs, consisting of only abstract shapes or typography, but from very different times and styles of music. Meanwhile I started searching for other examples as well. Here’s what we came up with…


First of all, some examples from the Project 33 site, run by Jive Time Records from Seattle:


p33_per_per_arrows p33_happytime_chacha

p33_likebongos2514n p33_josemelis2

p33_brahms_symph4 p33_prov_per_four

p33_musicofthirties p33_musicatmit

p33_musichallsongs129 persusivetrombone


And this is what M. came up with. (Thanks, M!)


4157449176_62100f6fe3_o sandy_nelson_teen_beat_small

R-55918-1155731657 R-20755-1246970545

R-81279-1086046571 R-516554-1213433476


R-36479-1188880196 kraftwerk_the_catalogue

R-12645-1201196093 R-12645-1201196155



Finally, the stuff I found:





sony 028 parkerMassey10

abn-LA 037 paichTenorsWest

johansson8bitar barronSavoy

konitzMulliganPacific manneVol2

gustafssonHMV2008 09 14_1174_edited-3

norvoDiscovery 2008 09 14_1072_edited-3


abn40002 086 symsAtlantic


Covers were found at Birka Jazz Archive, Discogs and Vintage Vanguard. Project 33 found via Drawn!

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