Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nova: a DIY docu on new art


A full length documentary on new art and the artists behind it. Yes, it is over an hour long, so you are going to have to put that so called “work” you were doing aside for a while now…

I enjoyed this docu very much. Not every single artist presented here makes work that I particularly like, but the things these people have to say about their approach to art-making in this day and age, I think, are very interesting.


Magical Snap - 2011.03.22 11.01 - 004


The film was directed by Isaac Niemand and produced by ROJO. It was all filmed at Nova Contemporary Culture in July and August 2010 in the MIS-Museum of Image and Sound, and SESC Pompeia, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.




Magical Snap - 2011.03.22 11.00 - 002

Magical Snap - 2011.03.22 11.01 - 003

Magical Snap - 2011.03.22 11.02 - 005

Magical Snap - 2011.03.22 11.02 - 006


More at www.rojo-magazine.com

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