Monday, April 26, 2010

Studio Visit (8): Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is an artist, designer, illustrator and writer from Northern Ireland. He is probably most widely known for his picture books for children like “How to Catch a Star”, “Lost and Found”, ”The Incredible Book Eating Boy” and “The Way Back Home”, but also does illustrations for newspapers and commercial assignments. As if that is not enough to keep a man occupied, Jeffers also works as an artist, making paintings and objects and exhibiting his work in New York, Washington DC, London, Sidney, Dublin and Belfast.

Two videos today: one, a visit to Jeffers’ studio (very nice little film, by the way) and the second a look at what some kids have to say about his books. Always fun.

And of course some examples of his work…







Magical Snap - 2010.04.26 10.19 - 001

Magical Snap - 2010.04.26 10.20 - 003   Magical Snap - 2010.04.26 10.19 - 002


Time for the studio visit…



In the following video we see what three first graders at the Lincoln Community School in Lincoln, Vermont have to say about Jeffers’ books…


Now, wasn’t that cute?


More on Oliver Jeffers? Visit his lovely website

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